Sterilization Method of Guangdong Buffet Stove

2019-07-29 1493

We all know that after the use of kitchen utensils for a period of time, the complete kitchen utensils and tableware will be disinfected, such as not often completely cleaned and disinfected, kitchen utensils will be pathogenic microorganisms, can spread hepatitis A, typhoid fever, tuberculosis and so on, for the health of the family, kitchen utensils and tableware must be regularly and completely cleaned and disinfected.

The main method of kitchen utensils sterilization: chemical sterilization method: chemical sterilization method is more convenient than boiling sterilization method in disinfecting tableware, because so many uses can not use boiling sterilization tableware.

Chemical fungicides can be used in rural households, such as bleaching agents, sodium sulfonate, peracetic acid, potassium permanganate, etc. Bleaching powder and sulfonate are mainly introduced.

Bleaching powder sterilization: Bleaching powder sterilizing tableware is simple and useful. Generally speaking, disinfectant can be reused for 4 hours. Because of the chlorine-containing bactericide, the taste of chlorine is often used to sterilize tableware, which has a certain stimulating effect on people. Therefore, before using tableware, a small amount of boiling water can be used to rinse, which can greatly reduce the taste of chlorine.